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Tools of Influence

Increase Your Confession Rate
Use Advanced Interrogation Techniques

Learn the techniques that can put you in the elite top 5%
of successful interrogators
Recorded Tele-Seminar

It’s no secret …

  • You just can’t say just ANYTHING in the interview room…
    you’ve got to say the right things the right way!
  • You’ve got to tap into how a subject’s mind works…
    if you want to get a confession.
  • The guys with the highest confession rates
    don’t always have the best cases…
    They’ve just got the best persuasion techniques.
  • Some subjects won’t talk to you? …
    You could be failing to persuade them to talk.
  • People are already programmed to cooperate…
    you just have to know how to activate their program.
  • Non-aggressive persuasion techniques…
    proven successful methods used for more than 50 years.
    Forget everything you’ve heard…
  • and learn the real facts about –

Tools of Influence

Advanced Interrogation Techniques.


The techniques you will learn …
can have an astounding effect on your confession rate and
put you in the top 5% of elite interrogators.

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You will learn:

  • The powerful effect of “…because” …
    Find out how this little word can be one of the most powerful “word tools” you could ever use in an interview. (Remember how your Mom and Dad got it to work on you?)
  • Getting commitment from your subject Sure some of us guys are afraid of commitment and so are your subjects. You’ll see how to get some small commitments from your subject that’ll get you that BIG commitment.
  • How to develop consistent compliance and response… It’s great to get your subject “rolling your way” you just gotta know how to get ’em rolling.
  • Your subject’s actual decision making process… Once you understand how people make all their decisions, it’s easy to persuade them to make a decision.
  • The “Like Principle” … We all prefer to deal with people we like or people that think are like us. Which one will your subject respond to the most.
  • When and how to effectively use the influence of “authority” … there are times to play on person’s perception of authority once you learn what and whom they see as an authority.
  • Capitalizing on “social proof”… If you have ever wondered why “monkey see, monkey do” then you’ll be fascinated by the effect “social proof” can have motivating someone to take action.
  • How to move a subject who is “stuck”… sometimes your subject will appear to be just plain stuck and you can’t get them to respond. See how you can create a sense of urgency that’ll get your subject moving again toward an admission or confession.
  • The awesome power of “reciprocity” … Learn how but just giving a little you can get a lot in return from your subject.

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