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Stan B. Walters

Stan B. Walters, CSP - "The Lie Guy®"

Stan B. Walters
“The Lie Guy ®”

To YOUR Show….

Your audience will never watch TV, listen to the radio or read the paper the same way ever again…

As one of the country’s experts in identifying deception, I work with agencies and organizations that want to train their people
how to conduct interviews and interrogations and uncover the real story. I teach to law enforcement, military, government, intelligence, and private agencies in the US and around the world. I can answer your audience’ questions about how to spot when people are lying to them – their friends, spouses, children and leaders. They will learn the secrets that law enforcement uses to spot the lies of the toughest criminals and how to spot the liars in all the big public scandals. Wouldn’t your audience just love to learn how to keep from being the victims of all the lies that surround them? They’ll have to tune in more often just to use their new found skills! I am able to impress and rejuvenate an old veteran cop as well as inspire the young rookie. Imagine what I can do for your audience!

Other Past Media Experience Previews of
Stan B. Walters – “The Lie Guy®”

Today / Australia
CNN – Anderson Cooper 360
FOX NewsFOX 56 – Lexington, KY

Stan B. Walters, CSP “The Lie Guy®”

Television Reel
This clip features segments from three of
Stan’s television appearances,
including the National Geographic
, NorthWest Afternoon and
ABC News
. (Running time 12:16)

Interview Questions:

  • I heard you can tell if a person is lying by just watching their eyes. Is it really that easy?
  • Why do people do so poorly at spotting when someone lies to them?
  • What are some other myths about signs of lying?
  • Do you speak to private industry? How do they use your techniques?
  • How much training does law enforcement get on interviewing?
  • Are congressmen any good at interviewing and spotting deception?
  • What are some of the secrets that law enforcement uses to find out when criminals are lying?
  • Tell us about the courses that you teach to law enforcement?
  • What is a false confession and how does it happen?
  • Are there any books I can read about how to spot when people are lying?
  • What are some lessons I can learn about spotting lies?
  • Is there anyway to tell when someone is being truthful?
  • Tell us about the research project you did with N.Y.P.D. and John Jay College.

Contact Information:
Stan B. Walters
800-847-4774 (Inside the US)
Location of Guest: Lexington, KY area

Available for interviews on TV, radio & newspaper.

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